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meets Digital Guest Management

Combine both and you have the most powerful setup to run great events.
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Be one step ahead but close to your guests

Accelerate your Event Marketing at scale and create an engaging experience for your attendees, even before the event - Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person. Automate your Guest List Management and personalized Event Communication. Build frictionless attendee journeys to drive event registrations and make data-informed decisions to ensure a positive ROI for you events.

  • Smart Guest List Management

    Eliminate tedious busywork and automate your guest lists.

  • Engaging Event Communication

    Communicate in a way your guests will love.
 Personlized, informative & trackable.

  • Flawless Event Registration

    Always smooth for your guests, automated and always transparent for you.

  • Powerfull Virtual

    Event Platform

    Combine the best tools on the market into a comprehensive virtual event platform.

  • 5K +

    Successful Events

  • 175 +

    Happy Customers

  • 245K +

    Satified Guests

  • 100%

    GDPR compliant

Smart Guestlist

Guest Management

Simplify your guest management with intelligent guest lists that automate manual tasks with ease.

Manually managing distribution and guest lists is one of the biggest time wasters for all event managers. With MATE you can change that! Import your guest lists with a few clicks, group your guests as needed and automatically track their status in the process at any time. It really is that simple.

Engaging Event

Event Marketing

Design engaging event communication and transform your contacts to guests without much effort.

Event communication should look good, encourage registration, have your look and feel, without any detours to the IT department. Through personalization and automatic dispatch, your event communication works for you instead of the other way around. Easily dividable into any number of steps, from the save-the-date to the feedback e-mail after the event.

Flawless Event

Event Registration

Maximum flexibility in design, combined with refreshing simplicity in use for you and your guests.

The requirements for event registration are sometimes very complex. However, the result for the guest should be as simple as possible so that registration does not become a hurdle. Above all, you need flexibility in configuration and simplicity in handling. Guide your guests to their destination with just a few clicks and arouse their interest with appealing content.

Combine the best tools and most innovative technologies
on one platform.

Our Virtual Event Platform is an intuitive all-purpose platform for virtual events. Easily integrate the best tools on the market for live sessions, breakout sessions, participant engagement and sponsors on a single interface. You don't use any tools yet or would like to get everything from one single source? No problem, we also offer you a ready-made setup for this. Combined with the functions of MATE for guest management and event analysis, the organization of virtual or hybrid events is no longer a challenge! Get started today!

Seamless On-Site
guest experience

Event Check-in

Design your on-site check-in as efficient as possible. Online or offline.

No queues. No waiting. No chaos. This is how successful organizers score points right at the beginning of an event. The MATE app for on-site check-in brings together all the relevant data for a smooth process. Check in your guests quickly and easily. Print name badges on site and keep track of every participant - in real time. The necessary attendance documentation and contact tracing are also possible at any time.

Your data is always
safe with us.

We are 100% GDPR compliant. Data protection is always a concern when it comes to guest data. Do you have strict internal data protection rules? We always strive for the highest level of data protection.

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