Guest management.

MATE is the digital platform for up-to-date
guest management of events.

Management of Distributors and Guest Lists.

Consistently online & intelligent.

Be independent of Excel spreadsheets: digitize them easily and quickly via drag-and-drop with intelligent features such as matching and duplicate check. With MATE you always manage and organize your guests with exactly the information that is relevant for your event.

and communication.

Individual building blocks.
 Lasting impression.

With MATE you can create and use exactly those communication modules that you need for your event with just a few clicks: Save-the-Date, Invitation, Reminder, Confirmation, Thanks. In addition, MATE offers high-quality templates that you can completely customize to the Look & Feel of your business without any programming knowledge.

Online feedback.

Modern. Comfortable. Effective.

Via MATE, your guests will reply to your event quickly and comfortably. This way you always know who has already replied and how many guests you can count on. With our modern feedback pages including intelligent subscribe and cancel functions you can easily manage complex login scenarios and ensure an optimal user experience for your guests.

On-site accreditation
with our app.

Lightning fast. No chaos.

With MATE, long entrance queues and chaotic check-in situations are a thing of the past. With our app you accredit guests in seconds and always view the current status of all present and outstanding guests. It doesn''t matter whether the check-in takes place in one or more places or whether you work online or offline. Even name tags can be printed with MATE in real time.

Simplify your guest management now!

The MATE Blog

News from the world of guest management

​In our blog you can keep up to date with the latest digital and analogue event trends.​

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