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2021 State of Event Management Report

A Comprehensive Industry Report on Event Management & EventTech.

The global pandemic has of course hit the event industry hard and plunged it into a real crisis. Event Planners are more concerned with crisis management than with planning events. But they are also forced to be creative and rethink the way we make events happen.

We must ask ourselves: Are virtual and hybrid events the solution? Will we continue to give digital solutions this much importance in a post-pandemic world?

Get your industry overview!

We'll walk you through the highlights of the past 2020 and delve into COVID-19 and its impact on the events industry.

To understand this, we asked 175 participants from the event industry - from CEOs to Event Coordinators - and summarized the answers into this exciting and informative report.

What can you expect from the 2021 State of Event Management Report?

  • Insights

    Understand how others are solving the challenges of 2020 and the future.

  • Results

    Benefit from a reliable source of data from our survey.

  • Tools & Trends

    Learn about the best tools for running Virtual Events.

  • Prognosis

    Benefit from a well-founded forecast for the event industry in 2021.

Who is the State of Event Management Report for?

Everyone who organises events, is active in the event industry or would like to be. For everyone who wants/must organise events digitally in the future. For those who would like to restructure the way they organise their events. For fans of guest lists and participant management. For newcomers to virtual events, but also for those who have already made their first experiences with the online tools.

For those looking for the perfect technological support for hybrid events. But above all for everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Event Professionals who need to realign themselves and would like to learn from other experts in the industry.

Get started right away with the 2021 State of Event Management Report by MATE!

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