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What's New(s) at MATE - July & August

In our July&August update we show you some of the newest functions and features of MATE.

Expert tips

Our CTO Matthias will show you the feature highlights of the last two months:

The innovations

Here's a quick overview for you to stay on top of all the MATE innovations.

VOTR Integration

We’ve integrated legally compliant voting tool VOTR to our Virtual Event Platform
If you are using MATE’s virtual event platform, engage even further with your guests by interacting them through legally compliant poll tool directly within the event itself

As an admin and event editor you can add your VOTR link for the poll directly within the integrated module of VOTR within MATE’s virtual event platform.

Enable VOTR within MATE
Simply export your guest list with the guest identification token, import it to VOTR and insert the VOTR link to the Virtual Event Platform.

Where to see the poll results?
You can see your attendees’ answers within your VOTR account.

Steps required:
1. Set up your poll in VOTR.
2. Add your VOTR URL within the Virtual Event Platform (menu section VOTR).
3. Export your guest list and guest identification ID to VOTR so that you can sync survey responses with guest data.

Preview functionality

Preview Emails and Webpages Directly from Your Event Dashboard

We are constantly listening to our clients, and we make sure that we always work on and act upon their feedback and suggestions.

One of our latest feature updates as suggested by our clients is the preview function of email and website pages accessible directly from your event dashboard. The new added feature improves usability and saves precious time when having to check out a detail on an event page or email without the need to open the whole email and go into edit mode. Just click on the small arrow next to your event webpage or email and the first selection on the pop-up menu will be the “Preview” functionality. Once you click on “Preview” a pop-up window opens on your screen showing you how the email or webpage looks like.

The preview of the webpage

The preview for your emails looks similar.

The preview of the email

Account Hub Updates

Manage your events directly from the overview page

We made changes to the card layout version of the events overview page. What’s new are a couple of small added menu features for more usability and even easier management and publication of your event webpages. By having all functions within the event card, MATE users can now quickly navigate through multiple events and create them faster and with less clicks and scrolls through the account hub.

Check out the three dots on the top right corner of each event card for the following options:

  • Pin or unpin an event – select the most recent event you are working moving it to the top of the page, above all the rest of the event cards and unpin it later on when you don’t need quick access to it any longer.
  • Activate an event or change the event status to draft
  • Duplicate, Archive or Delete an event

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