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Venue Scouting in Times of Crisis

How Creativity Helps Booking Platforms Get Through Corona

Nahaufnahme des COVID-19 mit Schrift davor

The current crisis in the event industry is affecting many different service providers. But event venues are being hit particularly hard. Due to the complete cancellation of events, they remain without guests and therefore without income over the past weeks and months. Booking platforms for meeting rooms, such as Spacebase, have been hit just as hard.

We talked to Julian Jost - founder and CEO of Spacebase - and learned how his team is using creativity and innovation to fight the crisis.

Julian, what is Spacebase?

Spacebase is a worldwide booking platform for workshop and meeting rooms. With us you can find and book extraordinary venues for meetings and workshops easily, quickly (with a few clicks) and inexpensively. We have a network of more than 10,000 rooms in over 30 cities in 12 different countries.

What influence does COVID-19 have on location scouting?

It is obvious that physical locations are facing special challenges due to the current restrictions for meetings and events. It is not so easy to integrate virtual functionality into our business model, which is based on physical locations, large or small. That's why we are currently pausing the search for new locations and are looking at what kind of spaces are needed in the current crisis and how the working environment could be affected in the long term. The question of safety - enough space to keep a distance, the provision of hygiene products and the disinfection of shared surfaces - will play a major role in the design and marketing of locations. Creativity will be required from space providers when it comes to winning back customers and showing them that different types of events can be held when large events are not an option.

How and how quickly has Spacebase responded to the current crisis?

We have worked hard to go through the crisis proactively despite the unpredictability. Already in March we reduced operations to the essentials. We had to make decisions that were not easy, but which ensured our survival. By working closely with our space providers and bookers and by mutual understanding and compromise we have managed to get this far. Since then we have worked on various projects. Firstly, our Safety First badge, which shows bookers what measures Space vendors take to provide security in terms of infection risk and predictability. We have also launched our voucher shop to offer discounts, promote future bookings and provide revenue for our Space vendors. Recently, we have also worked to provide meeting rooms for individuals or teams to use as alternative workspaces during this time. It is clear that the pandemic will have a lasting impact, not only on meetings and events, but also on our daily work. We need flexible and secure workplaces that are practical and convenient to use.

Gruender Spacebase Julian Jost Portrait

Julian Jost, founder & CEO Spacebase

What is the significance of the Safety First badge and why is it so important?

Thanks to the Safety-First-Initiative, we provide our customers with security and show them that meetings can take place in a safe environment. This is especially important because many things that were previously taken for granted are now unpredictable and we are giving people a chance to reorient themselves. By marking the meeting rooms that follow the recommendations by the WHO, bookers and event managers can act with deliberation. This builds confidence as we demonstrate our commitment to health and safety and helps our space providers to increase bookings as people regain confidence in meetings.

Thanks a lot Julian!


Spacebase ist zusammen mit MATE teil von ZEUS. Das Ziel von ZEUS ist, die stetig wachsende Zahl an jungen professionellen Technologie-Unternehmen rund um die Meeting, Incentive, Convention und Events-Industrie (MICE) zusammen zu bringen.

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