Guest management.

MATE is the digital platform for up-to-date guest management of events.

MATE offers maximum simplicity for all necessary processes in advance and on site. Use MATE and produce events that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The MATE functions
at a glance

  • Distribution

    Comfortably manage your mailing list with MATE online and in a targeted way - any time, anywhere, and with access to the current status of the respective guests in the process. You always know who has answered or cancelled and who still hasn't given any feedback.

  • Communication

    Targeted and personalized communication is the most important success factor for first-class guest management. With MATE, you control the entire communication with your guests in terms of content and aesthetics, absolutely flawlessly.

  • Registration

    MATE provides you with effective tools for the feedback of the guests, which guarantees the success of the event. The focus is on modern, personalized event websites. They contain all the relevant information for your guests and enable fast feedback with just a few clicks.

  • On site

    With MATE, you won't have long queues at the entrance. Instead of having your guests wait, they experience a check-in situation that is organised, fast, and completely satisfying. Functions such as wallet integration or direct on-site name tag printing give you a distinct advantage.

  • Virtual Events

    Are you planning to hold your next event virtually? You want to offer your participants added value through live-streaming, online workshops and webinars? With our Virtual Event Service we help you to make your event accessible to everyone: anytime and anywhere!