Event Check-In Software

Don't Keep Your Guests Waiting.

No long queues, no more waiting. Your guests will experience a seamless check-in and can start enjoying the event immediately with our event Check-In software.

On-site check-in

A perfect start with the right reception.

The first impression counts! An often-used phrase that is also completely true for events. With our digital on-site guest management, you can give your guests and your team the best possible start on site.

Your check-in via 
mobile app

Automated and paperless.

Use our app on all iOS devices to enable a fast check-in.

Manage all guests easily and efficiently with the MATE Mobile App. The Check-in only takes a few seconds: New guests are quickly registered and data is automatically updated between all devices. You can also use the system for seamless attendance documentation and quick contact follow-up.

Contactless & fast guest check-in

With QR codes and wallets.

Use QR codes and wallets for a quick and contactless guest check-in.

Tickets no longer have to be printed out, they can be found on your guests' smartphones. Take it a step further with the guest wallet: the ticket automatically appears on the display on the day of the event or when the guest arrives close to the event location.

Always stay up to date.

No matter where you are.

You can track all your accreditation data live at any time via the MATE app or in the backend.

How many guests are already in the venue? Who is still missing? Are the VIPs or the press already on-site? With MATE, you have the answers to these questions at your fingertips - no matter where you are. Your digital guest list provides you with the latest figures and updated information on each guest.

Print name tags on site.

Mobile. Fast. Flexible.

Print your name badges directly on-site during accreditation.

You no longer have to pre-print name badges and your guests no longer have to wait at counters! Print the badges conveniently on-site with the MATE app. Depending on the format of the badges, printing only takes a few seconds.

Good to know

The 4 Ws to effectively

manage your guests on-site

  1. WHEN will...

    Ask yourself when exactly your guests will arrive on site and in what time frame the accreditation will take place. Will the guests all arrive at once within a short period of time? Then you need to plan more counters and pay more attention to avoiding pinholes on site . our Event Check-In Software helps you with this challenge.

  2. WHAT AMOUNT of guests...

    It is always important to know how many guests you are actually expecting. If you know when and how many guests are coming, you can actually estimate how the accreditation process needs to work. It is helpful if you can use the data from previous events, e.g. to see when and how many guests were checked in during which period.

  3. WHERE...

    Now it's mainly about the conditions on-site. What exactly does the entrance area look like? Where do the guests arrive and where do they have to walk to? Are there any tight spots they have to pass on their way? Try to take the factors on site into account as much as possible. If there are any critical points, plan in advance. Waiting is not nice, and if your guests have to stand outside in the blazing sun or wind and rain, they will quickly get fed up.

  4. WHAT needs to be done...

    Events never go 100% according to plan. As an event organizer, you have to prepare yourself for even the most unlikely occurrences. Guests that cancel show up nonetheless, VIPs decide to spontaneously bring their entourage along, somebody important shows up without a ticket. Your guest management system has to accommodate for situations like these. Make sure you have the flexibility to make last-minute changes to your guest list.

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