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Successful event marketing has three characteristics: It is personalized, it looks appealing and it happens at the right time. Our event marketing software enables you and your team to achieve just that.

Event Marketing

Send the right message at the right time.

With MATE you can do everything from the design of your communication to the planning and execution of the automated sending. You take care of the content, we make sure it reaches its destination.

Turn contacts into

Personalised. Targeted. Automatic.

With MATE, you send each guest a personalized email with exactly the information they need.

Not every email is right for every potential guest: a save-the-date goes to all potential participants, but an invitation can be individual. Reminders to reduce the no-show rate only need to go to everyone who has not responded. Design your communication process according to your ideas and make sure that you always reach exactly the guests you want to reach. And If you prefer to send your invites via post, we’ve got you covered as well.

Beautiful emails.

No coding.

Your mail. Your design.

You don't have to be a developer to create engaging emails for your guests.

With our modern templates and easy-to-use editor, you can create optimized, converting emails without programming skills. Add calendar buttons, wallet integration and more content with just a few clicks. All our templates are tested and optimzed for high delivery rates and all popular email clients.

Configure your own

Trigger. Rule. Action.

With the campaign manager, you can plan the sending of your communication in advance and fully automate it according to your rules.

As everybody in Event Marketing knows, sending emails manually is a waste of time and a never ending story. Invite some additional guest here, handle late registrations there, at the end you have to send x different emails to y different guests. Instead, use predefined rules and the information you have about your guests and automate your process. Of course, you can always make adjustments and track the delivery.

Never lose a guest

on your way.

Detailed email log.

Reduce the errors in sending and delivering your emails to a minimum.

Emails may produce errors and bounce, but we help you with that too. MATE detects incorrect email addresses before they are sent. In addition, we have implemented several checking processes to help you avoid sending emails twice, accidentally sending the wrong email or contacting someone who has previously declined. If something does go wrong, you’ll know exactly which of your emails has been received and which came back. Quickly track each of them and fix issues on the go.

Good to know

3 basics for successful
guest communication

  1. Communicate in a targeted and personalized way.

    You, too, probably receive loads of emails and messages every day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to filter the relevant information that you really need. The same goes for your guests. That's why it's important to communicate in a very targeted and personalized way. A guest who has already accepted your invitation doesn't need a reminder to do so. The focus needs to be on sending the right message at the right time, which also delivers a corresponding added value for the recipient. It is essential to segment your event communication accordingly so you can targeted the right recipients.

  2. The right timing and forward-thinking planning.

    After reading point 1, you may have thought all well and good, but this all sounds like a lot of effort. We can reassure you that it does not have to be. The first important step is to think about this right from the start. If you plan ahead and think about when, for whom and which communication is relevant and align it with your own goals, you are already on the right track. Your event management software can then support you in the later implementation and take over parts of the dispatch automatically and based on the rules you have specified.

  3. Track whether the communication actually reaches the recipients.

    What good is the most beautiful e-mail if it never reaches the corresponding recipient? There are several reasons for this: the mail address no longer exists, the mailbox is full, an attachment was too large and then of course the SPAM filter. There is no 100% certainty that the e-mail will arrive. But you can do some things in advance to achieve a high deliverability. For example, you should avoid attachments in e-mails that are sent to a large distribution list and instead link the corresponding files. It is also very helpful if incorrect e-mail addresses are already identified and corrected by the corresponding system before sending. Finally, a clear evaluation of the corresponding dispatch helps you to quickly and clearly point out corresponding delivery problems (also called bounces).

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