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Build captivating and personalized event landing pages that drive guest attendance and boost your conversion rates with our event registration software.

Guest Registration

Registration Pages that create WOW-Moments

Show your events value at the first glance and make registration a breeze. We enable you and your team to make as many guests as possible out of your contacts and lead them to a "wow" moment - starting from the registration.

From contact to guest in
just a few clicks.

Fast. Personalised. Informative.

Design your registration process with a few simple steps so that your guests can register quickly and easily.

Depending on the type of event, the registration process can be very simple or very complex. In both cases, the most important thing for the guest is to reach their goal quickly. You can do this easily with our drag & drop construction kit. With a few simple steps, you have built the appropriate form and integrated it into your registration page. Existing data is pre-filled for your guests and makes it easy for them to confirm attendance. You decide how many guests can register and when the registration is automatically closed.

Program. Pictures. Videos. Speakers. Maps. And much more

Design attractive event pages that convert.

Easily create modern landing pages with your event schedule, speaker line-up, video teasers, picture galleries, registration forms, and more. Use MATE’s smart modules and customize them to fit your brand’s look and feel. Oh, and you can do it yourself - no programming skills or developers needed.

Viral invitations for more registrations

The more, the merrier.

Facilitate invitation distribution for guests.

Who brings whom? Is everyone allowed to bring one companion or more? Are there perhaps special guests who should have a different arrangement?
 MATE has implemented an intelligent companion handling system that allows you to determine how many additional guests can be brought along. You can also determine the information you want to request about these accompanying persons. All settings are incorporated into the personalised registration process without you having to take any further action. Afterwards, the system shows you which guest belongs to whom. Also on-site.

All your events at a glance.

If they register for one, why not for more?

Publish all your events in one place. As a stand-alone website or integrated into your own site.

Why not get your potential guests excited about several events at once? Sounds great at first. But how do you prevent events from having to be entered individually into your web CMS in order to publish them on your own website? That's easy! With MATE you can publish all your events in one place. Automated, tagged and structured according to your specifications.

Good to know

3 tips to improve your
event registration process.

  1. What counts for your guests: The simpler the better.

    When you set up your registration, make sure that your guests have as little effort as possible when registering. The more clicks your guests need, the more fields they have to fill in, the higher your risk that they will drop out on the way. Even more if your guests register via their smartphone. Therefore, when designing the registration form, always ask yourself whether this information is absolutely necessary for you and offers added value. If not, leave it out. MATE will then do the rest for you. The already known data of the guests is automatically pre-filled and the display is already mobile-optimized, meaning that the guest ideally only needs a few clicks to become part of your event.

  2. Use your registration page to excite guests for your event.

    The registration itself should be kept as simple as possible. However, this does not mean that registration site has to be as simple as well. This is the perfect space to present your event in an inviting way where potential visitors cannot resist. Use visual elements such as pictures and videos to give guests a first impression. Introduce your speakers and guests of honor, give your sponsors and partners a stage and include useful features such as a map with route function. All this will help your guests to get a positive first impression and increase their interest in participating.

  3. Let your guests find out which events are exciting for them.

    If you plan several events a year, you have huge chance to increase the number of your guests. How? By not only inviting guests to each event individually, but by presenting them all together. This way, your potential guests can plan longer in advance and, if necessary, register for several events at once. Another advantage: You get a better understanding which topics excite your guests and which ones arouse less interest. The publication on an overview page does not have to result in double data maintenance, but can be done automatically at the push of a button.

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