Guest List Management

Automate your Guest Lists.

Managing your guest lists should not be a huge time-waster. They should provide you with information instead of constantly asking for it.

Guest List Management

It’s really that simple.

All your guest data in one place and always in sync. Gone are the days of maintaining Excel lists and time-consuming compilation of data. You always have an overview of the current status.

Forget manual

Excel Lists.

Bring it all online.

Reduce the time you spend manually maintaining guest lists to a minimum.

Simply import your guest lists from Excel or your own CRM system. MATE takes care of duplicates, makes sure you are always up-to-date and brings order to your data. Time-consuming manual data entry or correction is no longer necessary.

Make your guest list your
most powerful tool

Flexible, powerful and yet simple.

All the guest information you need in one place, always up-to-date and easy to use.

Different event formats require different guest information. It's about the information you already have and the one you still need. Use guest categories for smart guest grouping. Create your own guest attributes and use them to keep track of the information that is relevant to you. Segment your contacts and guests and easily personalise your communication for each individual guest.

Make data-informed decisions.

With visual data insights.

Use your event dashboard and have all important information at your disposal - anytime.

Essential for every event organizer - know what's happening and where you stand at all times. Whether before, during or after the event, you need easy and quick access to your most important key figures. In your event dashboard, all the information comes together, portraid in a comprehensive overview. You always have everything at a glance and can base your decisions on valuable data.

Work as a team

Together. Coordinated. Successful.

Give users different roles and rights for seamless collaboration in MATE.

Often the planning and implementation of an event is not a single achievement. Different team members perform different tasks, several departments organize different events or individual parts. Inviting guests is often performed decentralized by sales, consultants, retailers or partners. Different user roles, visibility and access rights allow different stakeholders to organize one or more events at the same time and still control access to data individually.

Good to know

The four biggest challenges
in guest list management

  1. Operate effective data management.

    In the first conversations with our future clients we often hear that one of the most time-consuming activities in the organization of their events is the manual maintenance of guest lists. Keeping these lists up to date and always keeping track of the current guests status requires a lot of resources. It becomes even more time-consuming if the distribution list is made up of several sources, such as different departments, external partners or public sources. This is exactly where a digital guest list management system helps, as it automates processes and bundles information in a transparent and accessible way.

  2. Ensure high flexibility for different event formats.

    Depending on the event format, the information you need from your guests often varies. The larger the event or the more personalized the offer, the more you'll want to know before you start. What are the food preferences? Is parking required? What group does a guest belong to? Should a hotel be booked? That's why it's important that your guest management system is as flexible as possible so that it can be used for all event formats.

  3. Always be up-to-date and be able to react accordingly.

    Not only does your guest management need to be flexible. You also need to be able to react quickly when things change. But what are these changes in that given moment? It becomes difficult and time-consuming if you have to gather your information from several sources, or worse, if it is not accessible at all. You need a place where all your data flows together and you can see what the current status is at a glance. Only then can you react appropriately and, for example, send a reminder if there are too few registrations, book the right catering and the right amounts or decide to close the registration earlier or later than planned.

  4. Collaborate effectively without compromising data protection.

    Organizing an event often involves several people, meaning that information has to be shared on a regular basis. Team members or superiors want to be informed, external service providers have to deliver data or other departments or employees have to be actively involved and, for example, invite guests themselves. On the one hand, this coordination can be very time-consuming and on the other hand, there is always the risk that information ends up somewhere where it doesn't really belong. Here it helps if all involved have targeted access to the information so that they can find exactly what they need.

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