On site

On site. With maximum performance.

The on site functions of MATE.

With MATE, you won't have long queues at the entrance. Instead of having your guests wait, they experience a check-in situation that is organised, fast, and completely satisfying. Functions such as wallet integration or direct on-site name tag printing give you a distinct advantage.


Receive your guests.

Without stress and long waiting times.

With the mobile MATE app, you manage every entry situation easily and efficiently. Check-in takes only a few seconds, new guests are quickly recorded, and data automatically updates between all devices.

Always up to date.

No matter where you are.

How many guests are already there? Who is still missing? With MATE, you'll always have the answers questions like these - no matter where you are. Your digital guest list will always provide you with the latest figures and information on the entrance situation.

Being found
instead of searching.

With QR codes and Wallet.

Your guests already know this from airports: your boarding pass is your admission ticket. With QR codes and wallets you make the reception at your event as comfortable as possible for your guests.

Print the name tag on site.

Mobile. Fast. Flexible.

Instead of pre-producing all name tags and forcing your guests to wait in alphabetically organised lines, you can print the name tags with MATE easily and conveniently at check-in.