Successful registration.
With two clicks.

Feedback from guests with MATE.

MATE provides you with effective tools for the feedback of the guests, which guarantees the success of the event. The focus is on modern, personalized event websites. They contain all the relevant information for your guests and enable fast feedback with just a few clicks.


The ideal registration
for your guests.

Fast. Personalised. Informative.

Create modern and appealing event pages that your guests can use to quickly and easily report back. Use our form editor to ask for exactly the information you need. Existing data is pre-filled and makes feedback easier for your guests. You decide how many guests can log in and when the registration is automatically closed.

All information
ideally presented.

Programme. Pictures. Videos. And much more.

MATE offers various modules that you can use for your event page. Without programming knowledge, you present your event with your Look & Feel and inspire your guests in advance.

Are your guests

Your decision! Everything's possible.

Decide for yourself whether your guests are allowed a plus-1 or not. Define a maximum number for all or decide individually who may bring additional guests, and if so, how many. You want to know who the additional guests are? Simply collect all the relevant information for the accompanying persons. The assignment to the respective main guest is done automatically by MATE.