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Excite your audience.

The combination of MATE's event platform & Wonder's virtual spaces leads to events that engage guests through active participation.

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Most virtual events fail to keep guests engaged.

According to a Harvard study, active involvement is the most effective way to keep attention.
If you integrate Wonder with MATE, you are combining the power of two solutions that are designed to keep guests glued to their screen.

MATE + Wonder

All features to captivate your online audience.

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The best tools combined on one platform.

For virtual & hybrid events.

Whether live streaming, video calls & breakout sessions, surveys, chats, virtual networking or collaboration on digital whiteboards. The market offers outstanding tools for all these functions. Why not take advantage of these applications and combine them together on one effective platform? This way, you get the best of both worlds and can organize great virtual or hybrid events.

  • Smart Guest List Management

  • 1:1 & moderated group chats

  • Workshops, Sessions & Breakout-Rooms

  • Live Streams

  • Surveys, Polls & Q&A

  • Interactive & collaborative Whiteboard

  • Virtual Sponsors & Goodie-bags

  • Social Walls

Your data is safe with us.

MATE is 100% GDPR compliant

Host your event in the EU.

Data protection is a concern for many event managers. Do you have strict internal data protection rules? Our experts help you find integration tools that guarantee your personalized level of data protection.

The Power Of Virtual Events

Magnify your event’s potential

  • Maximize Reach

    Amplify the number of your attendees by making the event accessible regardless of time and location.

  • Increase Leads

    Multiple your potential for leads and growth by going online and eliminating geographical limitations.

  • Uphold Visibility

    Nurture your customer relationships and remain visible in times when personal contact is not an option.

  • Bridge Distances

    Reach attendees and invite speakers from the comfort of their homes, that would otherwise not attend.

  • Leverage Data

    Upgrade your events by gathering data on their performance. Find out what’s working and what’s not.

  • Go Green

    Create sustainable events. Forget about waste management and focus on crafting memorable experiences.

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