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  • 5 Problems With Event Guest List Management and How to Solve Them

    • Teilnehmermanagement

    Guest list management is the key to a successful event. Knowing your visitors and their needs is crucial to create memorable experiences. Find out about the 5 most common problems and how to solve …

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  • The perfect event invitation

    • Eventplanning

    A good invitation is the basis of a successfulevents. It invites, informs and, in the best case, makes people want the event so much that the recipient can't help but accept. …

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  • More power: MATE migrates to Vaadin 14

    • MATE and more

    Case Study: MATE migrates to Vaadin 14. The migration from Vaadin 8 to Vaadin 14 was completed in 5 months. MATE is now ready to support even larger events in the coming years. …

  • Guide to the perfect registration form

    • Teilnehmermanagement

    Registration forms are the easiest way for customers and companies to get in touch. How to perfect your forms and what you need to consider when creating them? Find out here! …

    Lap Top steht auf einem Tisch zwischen einem Smartphone und Kopfhörern
  • The Top 5: Virtual Gift Ideas

    • Virtual Events

    Are you looking for inspiration for the perfect gift for your virtual event? Then you are in the right place! We have researched and listed our top 5 virtual give-aways for partners, sponsors or …

    Lila Blumen und offene Geschenkboxen auf lila Tuch
  • Covid-19: Visitor documentation with MATE

    • Teilnehmermanagement

    Germany is opening up! This does not only concern the borders to our neighbouring countries, but also bureaus and chambers. But normalisation is bound to strict regulations. Read this article to find …

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  • Event Marketing

    • Eventplanning

    Event marketing is a very special form of product marketing, combined with an unforgettable experience for your visitors. But what exactly is event marketing and how can it be used successfully? Find …

    Das Wort Marketing in bunten Großbuchstaben gelegt
  • Venue scouting in times of crisis

    • Eventplanning

    How do booking platforms for conference and event rooms react to the COVID-19 crisis? How can revenues continue to be generated despite the loss of the entire industry? An interview with our friends …

    Nahaufnahme des COVID-19 mit Schrift davor
  • 2 years GDPR - A well-intended review

    • Tech & Tools

    Seit zwei Jahren gehört die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) nun zum Alltag deutscher und europäischer Unternehmen. Doch was hat sich dadurch tatsächlich für die Unternehmen und seine Kunden …

    Das Wort Security in blau auf einem Bildschirm mit der elektronischen Hand darunter
  • 11 tips to make your virtual event a guaranteed success

    • Virtual Events

    Virtual event: This does not have to be a boring webinar or a pixelated conference livestream. With a few good ideas and the right tools, it can become an event with real added value that will inspire …

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  • Categories and types of virtual events

    • Virtual Events

    The term "virtual event" can be divided into different types. It is used to describe events with an entire program or certain components designed and implemented virtually. To give you an overview, we …

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  • The best tools for virtual events and conferences

    • Virtual Events

    We will support you and show you which video conferencing tools we have tested and which one best suits your requirements best. Read all from the most important information the essential steps to set …

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  • The event format of the future: Your guide to virtual events

    • Virtual Events

    Without question, Corona has turned the events industry upside down. But this is no reason to put your head in the sand: Times like these are also the chance to open up new possibilities in event …

    Tastatur, Stift und Tee auf der rechten Seite von oben und auf der linken Seite Willkommen
  • These events will go virtual in 2020

    • Virtual Events

    You have to cancel your event because of the current situation? You are not alone! From small to large, everyone is affected. …

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  • Invitation: By letter or by mail?

    • Eventplanning

    Part 2: A good invitation is the foundation for a successful event. It invites, informs and, in the best case, makes people want the event so much that the recipient can't help but accept. …

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  • The 11th BACB Business Award goes to MATE

    • MATE and more

    IDuring the traditional annual meeting, the Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg (BACB) will award the BACB Entrepreneur Prize on 23rd November. This year, the founders of MATE Development GmbH, …

    Das MATE-Team erhält den jährlichen Unternehmerpreis des Business Angel Clubs